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From the City of Boynton Beach Website 10/11/13


Solid Waste Guidelines

All Garbage, Bulk Trash, Vegetation Debris and Recycling must be placed at the curb after 6:00 PM the day before or by 6:00 AM on the pick up day.

Garbage Carts:

Residents with City issued garbage carts should place all garbage in the cart and close the lid securely.  The cart handle should face the house.  No other garbage is allowed to be placed outside of the cart because the automated truck does not have the capability of picking it up.  The cart should be placed at the edge of the road in front of your home, not in front of others’ homes or vacant lots.  The cart should not be blocked by mailboxes, cars or recycling bins and should be placed at least three (3) feet from any obstructions.

Bulk and Vegetation Debris:

The Solid Waste Division provides weekly pickup of bulk trash and yard waste at no additional cost to residents.  Residents can place unlimited amounts of vegetation and bulk items such as furniture and appliances.  Construction and demolition debris such as fencing, kitchen cabinets, carpeting and tile is limited to one (1) cubic yard each week.  An additional fee will be assessed for construction and demolition debris exceeding this amount.  Please contact the Public Works Administration Division at (561) 742-6200 to arrange for a Solid Waste Supervisor to assess your special pick up.  Please do not place loose garbage on the bulk trash pike in front of your home.  Loose garbage can blow away and cause your areas to be unsightly.

Residents can place unlimited amount of vegetation cut in 4 foot lengths and 4 inches in diameter curbside.  Grass clippings, leaves and other loose yard waste must be contained in heavy-duty plastic trash bags or in separate containers that can be emptied by City employees.  Unlimited amounts of bulk trash and yard waste will be picked up on your normal trash/vegetation day.

Solid Waste – Code Enforcement:

In accordance with City Code, placement of bulk trash or vegetation should be placed at the curb after 6:00 PM the day before or before 6:00 AM the day of your scheduled pick up.  Placement of loose, un-containerized trash of any type at any location outside the dwelling unit is strictly prohibited.  Refuse containers must be kept out of view from the street.  Any resident or commercial property that does not follow the guidelines within the City Ordinance is subject to receive a Code Violation.  A door hanger will left explaining the violation and the charge will be added to the resident’s or commercial property’s water bill.

Placement of vegetation or bulk trash outside these guidelines will result in the following:

A)    Early set out (within specifications) – Residents who place trash out on the wrong day will incur a $50.00 fine.  The trash will be removed immediately and a door hanger will be left explaining the violation.  The charge will be added to the resident’s water bill.

B)    Early set out (illegal piles) – Residents who place trash out on the wrong day and who place trash and/or construction debris that is outside the limits (i.e., vegetation bigger than 4” x 4’) will incur a special pickup fee determined by supervision.  A door hanger will be left and the pile will be removed immediately.  The fine will be added to the water bill.

C)    Illegal Pile (placed curbside on proper day) – Illegal pile exceeds more than one cubic yard of Construction and Demolition Material or is vegetation exceeding cuts of 4” x 4’ in length.  Residents will receive a door hanger explaining the violation, including a price quote and a time limit of 24-hours to rectify the situation.  If the pile is not removed within the 24-hours Solid Waste will return and pickup the pile, take a picture and residents will be charged on their water bill.


(Illegal Pile – Vegetation and Construction Debris mixed. Construction Debris cannot exceed one cubic yard)



(Legal Pile – Vegetation)


No hazardous material, large sheets of glass, debris from large tree removal, automobiles, automobile parts, tires, boats, engines, toxic wastes such as motor oil, fluorescent bulbs, antifreeze, paint or chemicals will be picked up by City employees.  Please call Hazardous Waste at (561) 687-1100.

Curbside Recycling:

Curbside recycling is available to all residents in the City and is picked up on a weekly basis.  The following items can be placed in the recycling bins:

Yellow – Newspapers; Cereal Boxes; Tissue Boxes; Magazines; Unwanted Mail; Catalogs; Telephone Books; Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes need to be flattened and cut to 3’ x 3’ sections.  Place the cardboard in or next to the yellow recycling container.  We recognize that it is sometimes difficult to flatten and reduce the size of cardboard.  However, our recycling trucks can only accept material that is 3’ x 3’ in size.  Also, the recycling trucks do not compact their contents.  Thus, if cardboard is not flattened, we would be carrying many empty boxes full of air causing multiple trips to the disposal site.  This would add cost to your monthly service.

Blue – Steel Cans; Aluminum; Glass Bottles; Glass Jars; Drink Boxes; Milk & Juice Cartons; All Plastic Containers

Please do not place plastic grocery bags or styrofoam in either of the recycling containers.  The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County does not recycle these materials.  (LINK for facilities that take these items)

Roll-Off / Compactor:

According to the City Ordinance (link) only the City of Boynton Beach can provide Roll-Off and Compactor service within the City limits.  This service is available to businesses, contractors and residents.  Any questions regarding Roll-Off or Compactor service, please call (561) 742-6200 or to request Roll-off service, please complete the Roll-off Request form and drop it off at the Public Works Office or fax it to us at (561) 742-6211.

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