Dear Homeowners and Residents:

We have been experiencing an inordinate amount of parking congestion. Without a solution for more spaces, your board is taking steps to reserve on street parking for authorized Firenze residents only.

Effective January 11, 2016, we will require that each authorized vehicle display an Authorized Resident Parking Decal. These decals are being provided at no cost to Residents.

If you do not have a sticker you will be towed.

Please be aware of the Parking Regulation below:

  1. Parking is Restricted to the Vehicle of Firenze Residents only. All vehicles utilized by owners and tenants within the Association that wish to park in the streets and alleyways between the hours of 12am – 6 am, shall be required to have an Association issued parking decal affixed on the window of said vehicle (an “Authorized Resident Parking Decal”).
  2. Display and Transfer of Decal. Said decal must be affixed to the inside rear window, in the lower driver’s side comer. To be valid, it must be affixed to the assigned vehicle, in the correct location, and must be clearly visible from outside the vehicle. Each decal issued is for a specific vehicle and is not transferrable between vehicles.
  3. Qualifying for a Decal. To qualify for an Authorized Resident Parking Decal, you must meet all of the following requirements:
    1. Each vehicle must have current registration.
    2. Each vehicle must be not be an “ineligible vehicle”
    3. Each vehicle owner must demonstrate proof of residency by submitting documentation acceptable to the Board of Directors.
  4. Ineligible Vehicles. The following vehicles are not eligible for a parking decal and thus may not be parked on the streets and alleyways between the hours of 10pm – 6 am:
    1. Motorcycles
    2. Commercial Vehicles. Commercial vehicles are defined as, but are not limited to, vehicles having any of the following attributes:
      1. Construction Racks
      2. Business Logos affixed to the vehicle
      3. Company names affixed to the vehicle
      4. Ladders and other equipment stored on or in the vehicle
      5. Over ½ ton rated capacity
      6. Gates, or lifted gates
      7. Flatbeds
      8. More than two axles
      9. Vans or buses designed to carry more than 8 persons or are primarily used to transport property
      10. Taxicabs, limousines or other livery vehicles
    3. Vehicles without a current registration;
    4. Vehicles currently registered as non­operating or otherwise non-operational vehicles;
    5. Vehicles which are registered but not street legal (off road vehicles);
    6. Recreational vehicles including motor homes, personal watercraft, trailers of all types, unregistered vehicles, boats, etc.
  5. Receiving Decals. To receive a parking decal you must provide documentation for each of the items required to management or other authorized Association representative. The decal will be placed on the vehicle by management/representative.
  6. Implementation. Enforcement of this registration requirement will begin thirty (30) days after the date this rule is passed by the Board of Directors. After that date, any vehicle parked in the streets or alleyways between the hours of 12pm – 6am without an Association issued parking decal shall be subject to being ticketed, fined, and / or towed.
  7. Guest Parking. Day guests do not require a parking decal. If you have a guest who will be staying during restricted hours (12am – 6 am), that vehicle must park in your garage or driveway. As a reminder, pursuant to the Declaration, commercial vehicles, and other vehicles deemed ineligible as discussed in section 4 above, that are present on the Property between 12am-6am must be parked in an enclosed garage and cannot be visible from the street or alleyway. If such ineligible vehicle is parked on the streets during prohibited hours, or left overnight in a driveway, it shall be towed and/or the owner ticketed/fined.
  8. Notices as a Courtesy. While a notice or citation will be placed on vehicles that are in violation of the Association rules, these notices are provided as a courtesy only. The Association will not be responsible should any vehicle be towed for violation of this rule or any provisions set forth in the Declaration, whether or not a notice or citation was received on the vehicle.
  9. No Guarantee of space. Please note, an Authorized Resident Parking Decal does NOT guarantee a resident area parking space. All resident area parking spaces are available on a first come -first served basis.
  10. Driveway parking. Vehicles parked on the driveways cannot encroach any portion of the common area such as the streets or alleyways. If such encroachment occurs, the vehicle is subject to be towed and/or the owner ticketed or fined.

For more information on parking decals, please contact the management company.

Please read the Parking Final Resolution that will be effective on January 11, 2016

Click here for Parking Resolutions PDF